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new stimulus


i saw a sign today. well, at my work, they installed some signs like in front of ofifces or at the exit. basically, it either had numbers for an office, or for the exit, it was labeled exit door or something like that. and it had braille.

and it made think.

it must kinda suck to be a germophobe and be blind. becuase you have to touch a lot of things, a lot of public things, such as that sign, in order to read it. and so its like you have to carry your own personal purell (hand sanitizer).

so. just a thought.

i semi thought about a blind agrophobe (phobia of going outside). and if their phobia of the outside world was a bit more justified than a regular sight seeing agrophobe. i mean, the world is a dangerous place, whne you can't really see the danger. albeit, hearing danger is a good thing too, i mean i use my ears to hear cars sometimes. but all the same, i wonder simple things.

and ist new stimulus like a exit sign with braille on it, that makes me think abuot shit. and i think thats kinda what i need, a bit more new stimuli.

also, its weird to still be feeling like crying while driving home.


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